Prayer Book Release 1-24-24 Starting My Day on the Altar of Prayer

On Sale today 1-24-24

This prayer journal encourages regular conversation with God by starting your day on the altar of prayer. There are many very practical ideas presented in this book on prayer, including being with God, talking with him, and listening to him. Our morning begins at the altar of prayer. This book explains why we should start our day there, explains how to pray, and then provides many different prayers for various occasions. In addition, it shows how we can communicate with God everything: our joys, our sorrows, our love, our gratitude, our trust, our needs, and even our weaknesses. It also shows the importance of communicating with God and praying every day for us and for others. This prayer journal is designed to help us learn to love prayer and help us pray at the start of every day. The prayer journal includes many great prayers of the Church, a daily journal, a section for prayer requests, and a to-do list. This is a must-have prayer journal! Now that I'm back, I want to take an entirely different approach. However, that doesn't mean I won't put together well-thought-out posts occasionally, it's just not going to be my prime focus.

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