Midnight Battle Prayers

Powerful Prayer For Divine Mercy And Favor

1. Pray and say; ‘Father, I want to thank you first of all for your provision in Christ Jesus for divine mercy and favor, in Jesus name.

2. Pray and say; ‘Father, move into my life and circumstances with favor, visit me with your mercy, in Jesus name.

3. Father, pour out your mercy upon me like rivers and your favor upon me like flowing streams, in Jesus name.

4. Oh Lord, visit me in your mercy and rescue my soul from destruction by your grace, in Jesus name.

5. Oh Lord, let it be that everywhere my name is heard and or mentioned, it will resound for favor and mercy, in Jesus name.   

6. Oh Lord my Father, redeem me with your grace and with your glory, in Jesus name.

7. Oh Lord my Father, give me favor with the nobles and princes of your people, in Jesus name.

8. Father, in your mercy let me be found, in your favor give me life, in Jesus name.

9. Oh that your grace and truth Lord will preserve my going out and my coming in for your love and mercy sake, in Jesus name.

10. Father, show me your mercy for good and your favor for life, in the name of Jesus Christ.

11. Let your mercy speak for me when I cannot speak for myself and let your favor make a way for me, when I am confused and does not know the way to go, in Jesus name.

12. Lord, let your mercy take me where I cannot go, let it speak and amplify my voice when and where I cannot speak, in Jesus name.

13. Father, by your favor cause me to stand stronger and taller than all my adversaries, in Jesus name.

14. Father, arise in your mercy and compassion and show me your salvation, in Jesus name.

15. Oh Lord, preserve me and all I do by your mercy and provide for me and my household with your favor, in Jesus name.

16. Oh Lord, let your favor and mercy bring me riches, let mercy and favor bring me to places and people of affluence and influence, in Jesus name.

17. Lord, visit me especially with your divine mercy so my sweat will turn to joy, my pains will turn to pleasure, in Jesus name.

18. Lord, let my head, my hands and my life be a testimony of your goodness, in Jesus name.

19. Father, let this time and season become for me the expression of your goodness, in Jesus name.

20. Oh Lord my God, I pray for an un-ending flow of your mercy and favor in my life, in Jesus name.

21. Oh Lord, in my work and labor, let your mercy bring forth for me abundance of harvest to crown my efforts, in Jesus name.

22. Father, let your favor wipe away my sweat and your mercy wipe away my struggle, in Jesus name.

23. Lord, crown this year for me with divine mercy and favor, in the name of Jesus Christ.   

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